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What is TechBuz?

TechBuz is one of the most popular Bangladeshi Free SMS sending platforms to send unlimited free text messages (SMS) to any mobile number without concern about constantly rising phone bills. Now you will be able to send unlimited free text messages to any mobile number in Bangladesh for totally free, communicate seamlessly and benefit by saving a considerable amount of cost while doing so.

Account Creation:

If you are interested to use our free SMS service, then you need to create an account with us. For creating an account we need your personal information such as ( Mobile Number, Full Name, Gender, Email Address, District, Division ), etc. We only allow creating one account per person. SMS


Anyone can send Personal, Business, Fun with Friends type of messages for free. But no one will not be able to send any Adult, Threating, Lottery, and Anti-Government messages using our SMS service. And our service cannot be used for any illegal purpose.

SMS Privacy:

You will be able to see your sent SMS logs from your account panel and the SMS logs will expire every day at 12:00 AM. All the SMS that you sent will be stored in our data center safely for any further investigation from Low Enforcement Agency.

SMS Responsibility:

You will be responsible for all the SMS that you sent to any person like your friends, family members, or someone else. We will not be responsible for any kind of SMS. Each of your SMS is constantly monitored by the Low Enforcement Agency and legal action will be taken against you including blocking the account for any kind of illegal content and activity.

Earning Facility:

We recently launched earning faculties for every user who is interested to do freelance work. We basically collect jobs from our advertiser and listed to our website. And the job price inserted instead of the job. If any user would like to do the job, then they can and after completing the job they will earn points and the points will be converted to BDT. We are not committed to any users that we will list jobs on our website every day, because if we get job listing offers from our advertisers, then we will list them to our website. We do not demand any deposits from our users they can earn a lifetime for free and don't need t pay any ad fee. We only demand deposits from our advertisers to list their jobs on our website.

What type of Job?

You can do virtual jobs like, video watching, article sharing, article writing, social media marketing jobs on our website to earn points. And the points can be converted into BDT and payout to the user's wallet once their payment is the threshold.

Account Warning:

We do not allow creating multiple accounts from one person. Creating multiple accounts is strictly prohibited. If we detect multiple accounts that you manage from your device, all the accounts will be blocked forever and you will not be able to unblock your account. Once your account is blocked for piracy, you will not get paid or refunded for your earned points. Even if you create another account and inform us that this (the new account ) is your only account.


We have an active Facebook Official page that people can send us any messages about their account and we are always ready to assist. Also, we have a Facebook Group where you can share activities about your account or any recommendations for us and help each other with the group's members. All the social media links can be found from our website's bottom section icon instead.