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In the online world, many of us visit different websites to Earn . How to earn online? If you find such a website, you may have registered there. But later it was found that most of those websites do not work properly. Even if you work, you will not receive payment.

There are very few such websites in Bangladesh, from which you can earn. There may be some websites from where you can earn, but you will be given a certain amount for Registration fees, and you will not be able to return back.

How would it be? If this is a site from which you can earn many? And you get the payment properly from here. So let's take a look at TechBuz's earning service ...

Features of Earning Method-

·         You can earn by Website Visit.

·         You can earn by watching Videos.

·         You can earn by sharing your referral link.

How to create a new account?

·         Click here to create a new account.


·         Enter your mobile number in the Mobile Number box. If you already have an account with your number, reset your password.

·         Enter your mobile number in the Mobile Number box You can use your own mobile number.

·         Enter your full name in the First Name and Last Name boxes. For example Arif Khan. Of course, you have to give the real name, if you give the wrong name, the account will not be active. (E.g. Sopner Balok, Obuj Balika)

·         Enter your Division in the Division box.

·         Enter your District in the District box.

·         And then Click on Register Button.

Note: Before clicking the Register button, check that your mobile number, email, and name, etc. are correct. Fill in the blanks with the correct information, then click the Register button. Now your account opening is done.

After clicking the Register button you will get an SMS on your mobile where you will get your password information with the login link. Click on the link then log in with the correct username and password.

If you create an account using incorrect information, your account will not be activated.

After logging in, you will be taken to our panel. Then you will see an option called Earn Points And Quick Menu, where you can find all of the options for earning withdrawal, etc.


How to Get Payment?

·         You can withdraw your point when you reach a minimum of 500 points.

·         You can get payment by Bkash, Nagad, or Mobile Recharge.

·         Each Month one time you can withdraw and get payment.

Note: You can also use this SMS panel to promote your business. And you can send messages to your customers. There are some SMS packages for Bulk SMS Marketing. However, if you use this SMS panel for any illegal or unlawful purpose, your Account will be blocked and legal action will be taken against you.

If you have any comments about our Earning Panel and SMS panel or want to add a new feature, please let us know. Click here to join our Facebook page and Facebook Group and Telegram Channel. Thanks.