Earn Points By Video Watch

How to earn points?
-You can earn points by clicking the banner.

How many points will you get paid?

** 100 points = 20 Taka

** 200 points = 40 Taka

** 300 points = 60 Taka

** 500 points = 100 Taka

How many points to apply for payment?
You can apply for payment only if the minimum is 250 points. If it is below 250 points, you will not be able to apply for payment.

How many points for each video?
Video points are fixed depending on the video duration.

How to take payment?
You can take payment through bKash & Mobile Recharge.

How do apply for payment?
Submit Withdraw Form for payment. Enter your username, mobile number, email, bKash and Submit. Withdraw form Link- Click here