50 Secret Marketing Strategies for Business Campaigns

50 Secret Marketing Strategies for Business Campaigns

Assalamu Alaikum friends are all fine. Alhamdulillah I am very well. Young people no longer want to work, young people want to work with new ideas, and stand on their own feet. Because by working you are standing on the feet of others. And they are looking for different business ideas to stand on their own feet. Many young people are also doing business now but what is the biggest problem for young people who suddenly take up a business or initiative without any job, the idea may be suitable. But due to the lack of their business promotion strategy, one time his company is lost, his brand name is erased, and he no longer gets his desired business. But they forget that one big party of marketing is the promotion campaign, without which the business actually dies. Because if there is no sale, how will the business come?

At the request of many, many brothers and sisters, today I will tell fifty marketing strategies. This is the first part of today’s video followed by the second part I will tell you 20 more campaign strategies that will match your business inshallah. You will do the 50 ideas that I will tell you. It can be your new venture, it can be a small business, it can be a medium business, it can be a big business, it can be any company business. Take whatever is applicable to you.

I’m starting now,

1. Put a signboard in front of your establishment. 36,500 people per year will see your business name and recognize the business of 100 people per day.

2. At the head of the lane put an indicator at the head of the lane where your business establishment is located. That’s Salma’s fashion side. Every day, as many people will come and go in rickshaws, come and go in cars, everyone will see Salma fashion and at some point, the name Salma fashion will be memorized and recognized.

3. If the business is seasonal, post them before or during the middle of the opening. We see that seasonal mangoes are available, and there are many other seasonal products. So we see posters about where these are available in many places, Dhaka city is adulterated in many places. That after ten days or after twenty days unadulterated mangoes will be available in this place. Formalin-free mangoes can be obtained through any chemical process. This is the propaganda that we see every day and gets stuck in our minds.

4. When the mangoes come, we buy them from that place. If the service is area based, then you can advertise on the cable TVs available in that area. A business, a flower shop, if it is only for that area, if it is only for Dhanmondi if you advertise on Dhanmondi cable TV, then the people who are inside Dhanmondi will come to that place to watch the campaign on cable TV every day.

5. If it’s a national business, the cost of adding on TV is very high, but if it’s a big company, it’s not a problem. But your JE brand will grow and people will recognize it quickly but it will give you business. You must remember that it is standard for TV advertisements.

6. If you want to be visible everywhere in the city, there is no need to do anything, just put a sticker with your band name and details on the back of the local bus. You will see a lot of local buses running. As people see these local buses, they will remember your brand, again and again, they will think about you, then they will go to buy it, then the name of that brand will hit their head again and again.

6. If you want to be visible everywhere in the city, there is no need to do anything, just put a sticker with your band name and details on the back of the local bus. You will see a lot of local buses running, as people see these local buses, they will remember your brand, again and again, they will think about you, then they will go to buy it, then the name of that brand will hit their brain again and again.

7. If you want to increase the business a little bit more, give us a little billboard. Write the name of the bus station in different places. Look for a big billboard like Lifeboy soap, Lux soap, or Evely at the launch ghat or bus stand or next to the train station because many people come and go every day. So these customers will see your product regularly, and your brand will grow and sell well.

8. If you want a big campaign in the beginning, but small festoons on the head of each lane. People will continue to visit and see each Lightpost post to learn about your product. The more people know the more your sales will increase.

9. Distribute leaflets in the area where you are serving. You will see that people will know quickly. People are getting direct through different channels. If you pass through the door to every man’s family home, you have entered.

10. At the end of Friday prayers, the guardians of each family are in the mosque. Ninety percent of families have guardians so if your leaflet is given in front of every mosque then people will know directly. Know about your product, your brand will grow, and sales will increase.

11. If it is urgent, talk to the hawkers who sell the paper in the area. Talk to the hawkers and hand in your leaflet inside. The paper will go to every home, every person will know about your ad, will know about your company, will know about your brand.

12. You have opened a new shop and want to inform the people of the area. Do miking for two or three days. You will see that everyone’s name will be memorized. What do we see during the election? While making every day, many times we make decisions and changes. It seems that this candidate is good, so miking will increase sales.

13. Make a visiting card Distribute your visiting card to different people in different offices so that everyone will know your brand name. Every store where you can get good glasses gives your card to Chashma Houser. What will happen then every person will know the name of this glasses house. When they want to buy glasses from your store.

14. Print the letter pad. If you are communicating with someone, you will pass the letter pad. When you communicate through this letter pad get a good idea of your company. He will get a good idea about your product, he will get your contact number, and he will get your address, but the name will be fixed in his head and the value of your business will increase.

15. Make a small pad box Write your band name on the bottom of the pad box and when people come to your office when writing a slip when you give it to someone when they take it home keep it with them as often as you give it to them remember your brand your promotion will spread will be

16. Number Make an envelope with your brand name. You will give any letter to as many people as you will give it to any business letter. Any courier will send it to every place but your brand will be promoted because your band’s logo is given on that envelope. Office name, address, and contact number are given.

17. Print Calendar At the beginning of each year this calendar will go to every home and your branding will grow. But take care of the calendar so everyone will know your brand name throughout the year and your business will grow fast. [Elon Musk’s Unsustainable Marketing Techniques]

18. Print number notebooks, print notebooks, and gift them to people. The more people your notebook reaches, the more you will be promoted because in notebooks everyone writes down their special things and their business idea plans. The more you see them, the more they will remember your brand. Activities need to be written, regular work needs to be written, and what needs to be done today, so they will see it regularly.

19. Publish the diary. At the beginning of each year, you will see that many people use a lot of diaries to write down the daily activities of the whole year and when this diary goes back and they can see the activities of each day so the diary is used throughout the year. So your brand name will grow and be promoted.

20. Make a telephone directory and give it to different people. There are different telephone numbers. Below you will have your brand name, address, and contact number. People take care of it and leave it at home. Dev and your brand will be remembered again and again.

21. Print Airplane The more people see this airplane, the more your brand name will grow, and the more people will be promoted.

22. Give the gift of paper outer Put your company name and logo on the paper outer. Every time people use Paper Whiter, your brand name will be top of mind when they go to buy your product.

23. Give mugs for advertising. But people drink water in a mug and keep it on the desk in the office and then at the required place at home but people drink water in a glass. You will see drinking water in mugs everywhere in the office. If you make this mug your branding. As many customers will come to that office, as many people as business organizations will come, everyone will be able to see the brand and your business will expand.

24. Give a pen stand with an advertisement. The more you write with this pen, the more you pick up this pen, the more you will remember your band and say it’s from Salma Fashion. The brand will grow as Salma fashion spreads around.

25. Ad on Facebook New generation but now leaning on Facebook and Bangladesh is the second largest country. Facebook has the most users across the country, so if you add ads through this medium, your brand will spread quickly, your sales will increase quickly, your company will grow, and your company will become much better.

26. Add ads to the website We often see that when entering the website, just send Uber’s ad JJ to the website, this is done through Google AdSense. By giving the I ad, our business will expand as many people can see our business on the website. [ What is affiliate marketing? How to do?]

27. Any new offer, any new product, advertise in the paper. Lots of people who read the paper will see that your branding in the paper will grow and your business will expand.

28. Various magazines give colorful advertisements on the first page of the next day and the last page of the day. Anywhere there is a good place to advertise, those who are consumers of the magazine will see your brand regularly and your brand will be promoted.

29. If necessary, hire brand promoters to promote the product at different locations. British American Tobacco went from door to door talking about the product and hired some people like you for two months or three months.

30. Send letters to those whom you want to receive as customers Direct letters Send by courier Highlight your company benefits, no one does them now, if suddenly the courier comes to your address and offers different offers from other companies, but very few people will know more specifically about the band.

31. Email various corporate people. Email to different targeted customers and your brand will reach them. You enter the link and grab each profile and segment the people you want to reach. Their email address is given in that place collect email addresses and send them group mail you will see that you are reaching a lot of customers.

32. Send SMS to people from different walks of life As we know now SMS is quick to get people’s feedback. You can buy SMS for SMS marketing. Just one SMS can reach your brand to 100,000 people.

33. After that, what did you do? You opened a page on Facebook. Now you went to the promotion. How many audiences do you want to reach? Think, you have a shop in Uttara, you just want to advertise in Uttara on Facebook, and select the location of the target customer Uttara, Uttara people will see the words of Nizampur all day long. Nizampur shop Uttara people will go to their get all day to see and then it will be a new restaurant and your business will increase through promotion.

34. Open a website of your own and on the website, your product and product details will be given along with the location the price. People will quickly find your website when they search on Google.

35. YouTubers are there now, but YouTube is a better medium than Facebook because Facebook often fake news, it is not used properly, it costs a lot of money, but watching YouTube with very little money, you think someone has a million subscribers, words are on YouTube, but on YouTube, you can see a video. There are five lakh customers below, but how did one lakh go to one to see another, and five lac direct?

How much did it take to make a video that reached the audience? A full video will cost 12 to 15 thousand rupees as a sponsor on YouTube but with 15,000 rupees you are reaching 1.5 lakh people to 5 lakh people which is never possible on Facebook so YouTube is now the best medium. Sponsoring YouTubers will quickly promote your product.

36. Various fairs such as fairs, textile fairs, and housing fairs, participate in these fairs, participate in any way, become an ad with them, present your product to people, your position and value will increase, and many good companies will think. [What is CPA marketing? CPA paid marketing]

37. Give different offers from time to time to keep your brand strong. E-valy has entered people’s minds with one offer after another. People want to know about E-Valy again and again.

38. If a number is required, give some discount, you will do business, discount will be little profit but your branding will grow fast, so give some discount.

39. Some free days with a product will be rewarded as a gift. Rasul Giveaways Give some freebies to promote your product. So think if one buys a diary, give one free pen. Your diary may make a profit of 25 rupees, and the price of a pen is 3 rupees. As a gift to him, this customer will become a fan of your brand, but he will order your brand again.

40. The quality of the product or service, the behavior of the staff, the color of the packing, all these, but you have to take care of every aspect by carrying your brand value, then your brand will be well promoted among people.

41. A nice slogan but it is very necessary to let’s go far rural phone does it mean as far as you go there is no problem in the network Walton our product does it mean our country’s product we use more and more our country’s wealth will grow. In this way, every brand has a slogan that will touch people’s emotions and your brand will be widely promoted.

42. Attend various big parties. As per what company you work for, now the cake brand is a wedding program, you went to that program and spoke. The cake we will give Sunnat Khatna program talk. If you work in this way, your brand will grow quickly, you will find many good people among people, and you will be able to give your product faster.

43. Get yourself a magazine. If you take out this magazine according to the type of business you do, then it will be easier for you to write a column about it with advertising. This will help you as a publicity medium and you will also get business for your magazine.

44. Coupon by search. Leave the people who bring this coupon will get special discount people are very attracted.

45. Print shopping bags with your brand logo ad. If you go to a house, it will stay for a long time and if people carry it, people will see it on the whole street, unique people will be attracted and the brand value will grow. [How bright is the future of digital marketing?]

46. Think of any new issues that are of public interest and press releases. If the press releases, call all the journalists, your brand of different newspapers will be promoted, give the journalists something to eat, and you will see that everyone will write about your newspaper.

47. Those who are bloggers, who have websites that write about beautiful business and commerce, put your writing on the blogger site and make a blog about your organization. When people search the blog, the presentation will come in a beautiful way, your organization’s picture will give a review about your products, then you will see that people will reach quickly and your brand will grow.

48. If you have an e-shop, people will try to visit a physical store, but if you have a physical store from an e-shop, the trust will increase and the promotion will increase. Again if you have a physical shop you will have another try, as well as the e-commerce site, gives and now you can enter your shop name on different platforms. Like e-valy, you can grow your brand by venturing into Dhamaka shopping.

49. Now you can increase your product sales by giving special discounts to your shop on various occasions and the brand can grow. For example, if you will give a 10% discount during Eid, you will get 20% profit. If you give a 10% discount, your customers will increase because of this 10% discount, your sales will increase and your overall profit will increase.

50. You can offer a free service along with your commercial service which will help your business. Suppose you sell medicine online. Then you can have an option of free telemedicine through the call center. Today, I am sharing fifty marketing strategies for new entrepreneurs, new business owners, mid-level business owners, and top-level business owners to apply what you need. Many sisters and brothers knock me on how to do business marketing and promotion for them.[10 ways to increase sales – Marketing Strategy]

One thing everyone should remember is that God is the owner of success. For the success of every work, ask Allah for help, then you will be able to do well. Many good plans will not be successful unless God gives them to you. You will be very successful with many small plans. If Allah gives you so surrender to Allah and ask for help Allah will take you to that destination don’t forget to pray five times namaz.

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